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There are many ways to mask scratches such as waxes, glazes, sealants or any other “make up” style products. While they are great fillers to cover and hide a scratch, and even may look good, looks can be deceiving. After time, these filler-type repairs will wear down / diminish with car washing or rain.

Here at AUTO RECON we remove or reduce scratches safely following a skilled detailed technique that includes measuring the paint thickness and taking heat readings throughout every step of the scratch repair process. Doing so, we exfoliate the clear coat with a combination of steps either by machine, wet sanding or heat polishing (re-flowing the clear mending the scratch back together).

We don’t just stop there! As detailed as this service is, we also keep in mind the texture, also known as “orange peel effect”, of the clear coat. We make sure the scratch repair area is blended and flows with the existing textured appearance.

Average starting cost $60 (price varies due to length & depth of a scratch, location, & non OEM paint)

*Repairing scratches on a vehicles clear coat is a skilled process & technique that should be done by an experienced professional. Knowing the limits of a vehicles clear coat is essential, and going too far can lead to burning through the clear coat decreasing your paints UV protection or over heating and drastically melting the paint.

Repairing: light scuffs, surface scratches, clear coat scratches to base coat scratches.