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Repairing the small cosmetic damages to the paint and body (NON-COLLISION) increases your vehicles value and appearance. We are able to repair the damaged area only with out having to repaint and clear the entire panel. By doing so labour and product costs are low passing on the savings to you!


Removing minor dings & dents by gently massaging the dent from gaining access behind the panel. No body fillers or painting required. GIVE YOUR CAR A FACE LIFT!


We want drivers and pedestrians on the road to be safe, Headlight renewal improves your night time driving visibility and also beautifies the appearance of your vehicle. Replacing headlights can cost up to over $1000 dollars, Save hundreds by getting a headlight renewal done! We offer this service at an affordable rate.


We distribute and use a great line of car care products. We have specialty products for dark and light colors. Whether you want UV & paint protection or looking to remove Surface scratches, Oxidation, Minor blemishes, Swirl marks, Hard water spots, Paint over spray or have a deep wet look on your cars paint we can help. Long lasting finish with a high gloss luster that is so smooth, you can FEEL THE SHINE! (Power machine and hand applications available)


Our odor removal system gets deep into the cars materials and compartments removing unwanted odors, also leaving a nice scent of your choice!



Custom tinting over your factory tailights. Also tinting available on side markers and fog lights. Choose from light, med, and dark (BLACKED OUT) NOTE: not responsible for any fines/tickets by law enforcement. For off road use only.


Rock chip and Road rash

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